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These are the essential documents you need to register and withdraw your AFP from this Monday, May 20

These are the essential documents you need to register and withdraw your AFP from this Monday, May 20

He withdrawal of funds from the Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) It is a significant opportunity for members who seek to use their savings from their pension system if they see fit. The Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) established a schedule based on the last digit of the DNI to maintain a specific order during withdrawal requests. Remember that this application is free and 100% online.

From May 20thmembers will be able to begin submitting their requests for the withdrawal of up to 4 tax units (UIT)equivalent to S/20,600. The procedure is designed to avoid setbacks and ensure that all applicants can complete the process. In this note, you will find all the information regarding the required documents and how to apply to obtain your money without any setbacks.

AFP: these are the documents you need to start the refund request

To start the process of withdrawal of your AFPit is necessary to gather the following documents:

  1. National Identity Document (DNI): Your valid identification document is essential to verify your identity.
  2. Application form: available on the official portal of your AFP (enabled as of May 20), this form must be filled out with precise information about your application.
  3. AFP account statement: document that reflects the available balance in your AFP account, which you can obtain online or request at your AFP offices.
  4. Proof of address: In some cases, an electricity, water bill or similar document confirming your current address is required.

It is essential that these documents are complete and up-to-date to avoid delays in the application process. Access your web portal AFP (Habitat, Integra, Profuturo or Prima), to complete and send the form along with the required documents.

When will I be able to submit my application, according to my ID?

Access to submit the withdrawal request AFP It is based on a schedule organized according to the last digit of your ID. This method allows for an orderly distribution of requests.

  • DNI ending in 0: from May 20 to 24
  • DNI ending in 1: from May 25 to 29
  • DNI ending in 2: from May 30 to June 3
  • DNI ending in 3: from June 4 to 8
  • DNI ending in 4: from June 9 to 13
  • DNI ending in 5: from June 14 to 18
  • DNI ending in 6: from June 19 to 23
  • DNI ending in 7: from June 24 to 28
  • DNI ending in 8: from June 29 to July 3
  • DNI ending in 9: from July 4 to 8

If you cannot submit the application on the indicated date, an additional period of the July 2 to August 17where you can carry out the procedure regardless of the last digit of your ID.

To which bank can I deposit the money I withdraw from the AFPs?

Once your withdrawal request is approved, you will be able to choose the bank where you wish to receive the disbursement of your funds. AFP. Available options include the country’s major banks, such as Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP), Interbank, Scotiabank, and BBVA Continental, among others. Furthermore, the National bank It is also a viable option, especially for those who prefer an entity with extensive coverage in rural or remote areas.

Source: Larepublica

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