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How to save yellowing chives?  In the summer, many people forget about this.  All the work goes to waste

How to save yellowing chives? In the summer, many people forget about this. All the work goes to waste

Why do chives turn yellow? Although onion is not a difficult vegetable to grow, it sometimes happens that its green parts lose their color and then wither. What should you pay attention to so that this doesn’t happen?

Onion chives are a must-have ingredient for delicious summer sandwiches and salads. It is tasty and the vegetable itself is relatively easy to grow. No wonder we often find them in gardens. However, it sometimes happens that the once green tips begin to turn yellow. What could be the reason?

Why do the tips of chives turn yellow? The reason may be trivial

Almost every vegetable dish includes onion, which is jokingly called the queen of Polish vegetables. Although its cultivation should not pose any problems even for beginner gardeners, it sometimes happens that the chives visible above the ground begin to turn yellow and eventually wither. It turns out that the reason may be prosaic, but many people forget about itespecially during periods of higher temperatures.

Why do chives turn yellow? Why do chives turn yellow? Photo / Natalia GÄ…siorowska

How to care for chives? Don’t forget about it in hot weather

The most common reason why chives start to turn yellow is nothing more than dry soil and water deficiency. This happens especially during hot weather, when we should increase the frequency of watering the garden. Importantly, it should be done early in the morning or evening, not during the day, because the heat will cause the water to evaporate from the soil quickly. Ultimately, it will not be used for cultivation. Therefore, not only the frequency but also the time of watering are important. At first, do it even 2-3 times a week, then every week. Be careful not to overwater the vegetable as it doesn’t like that either. Sometimes it also happens that the reason for chives withering is a deficiency of nutrients in the soil, especially nitrogen.

Why do chives turn yellow? Perhaps it was attacked by pests

Drying of chives may also be caused by vegetable diseases. If the soil is relatively moist (but not overwatered) and you make sure it does not dry out, it is worth taking a closer look at the plant to see if it has not been attacked by pests or fungi. In such a case, it is worth using ready-made preparations that will deal with them, or home-made mixtures, for example with . If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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