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Isabel Castillo, the 83-year-old woman who won a lawsuit against the ONP and will now receive a special pension

Isabel Castillo, the 83-year-old woman who won a lawsuit against the ONP and will now receive a special pension

In a verdict that sets an important precedent, Isabel Castillo Marzal, an octogenarian who fought for recognition of her retirement contributions, finally received justice. He Constitutional Court (TC) ruled in favor of Castillo, and forced the Pension Normalization Office (ONP) to grant him a special proportional retirement pension.

Isabel Castillo, who faced multiple obstacles before the ONP for her pension application, saw the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the Court’s decision. This case not only reflects Castillo’s perseverance, but also highlights the flaws in the system that affect many retirees in the country.

Retirement at ONP: who is Isabel Castillo?

Isabel Castillo Marzal, an 83-year-old woman, fought to have her rights as a pensioner respected after facing the ONP’s refusal to recognize her full contributions.

His case reached the Constitutional Court, where justice was finally done. Throughout her working life, Isabel worked at various companies, accumulating enough contributions to qualify for a pension. However, ONP’s restrictive interpretations of her initially prevented her from receiving the benefits she was entitled to.

Why did the ONP not want to recognize the plaintiff’s contributions?

The ONP argued that the work certificates presented by Isabel Castillo did not meet the necessary criteria to validate her contributions. The entity, acting arbitrarily as stated by the plaintiff, did not agree to recognize 8 years, 10 months and 17 days justified with documentary evidence, which negatively affected Castillo’s financial security in his old age.

However, the Constitutional Court emphasized that the documents presented by the plaintiff demonstrated that she worked for the employer Pedro José Acha; Compañía Magusa, Mueblería Unión Zacarías Nicho, Comercial Zanicha SCRL, Representaciones Electro Hogar SA, Cía de Cobranzas Huacho SCRL, Comercial Alberto de Aldo Jonni Nicho Manrique and Rapid Credit SCRL-Huacho.

How many years of contributions did the TC recognize Isabel Castillo?

After a meticulous review of the documentation provided by Isabel, the Constitutional Court determined that the plaintiff had carried out contributions to the National Pension System for 18 years, 1 month and 17 days.

This total includes the periods that, initially, were not recognized by the ONP (8 years, 10 months and 17 days), but that the Court affirmed were valid and should be considered for the granting of the special proportional pension that Isabel requested.

What was the ruling of the TC regarding the Isabel Castillo case?

The Constitutional Court not only ordered the ONP to recognize Isabel Castillo’s full contributions, but also instructed it to grant her a special proportional retirement pension. This ruling represents a significant victory for Castillo and sets an important precedent for future retirement cases.

Source: Larepublica

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