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Government makes new capacity levels official for January due to omicron expansion

The government of President Pedro Castillo ordered the extension of the state of emergency, for 31 days, starting on January 1, as well as its subsequent capacity-building scheme to prevent the proliferation of COVID-19. This, after confirming the arrival of the omicron variant in our country.

Through Supreme Decree No. 186-2021-PCM, it is established that the regions of Bagua, Chepén, Concepción, Huamanga, Huancavelica, Santa, Sullana, Piura, Sechura, Talara and Virú will go to the alert level “High”, while all the rest of the country remains on “Moderate” alert. There are no “Very High” or “Extreme” alert regions for this period.

The decree mentions that, from January 1 to 16 of the same month, the capacity in the “Moderate” alert locations will vary as follows:

  • Shopping centers, commercial galleries, department stores, general stores and conglomerates go from 80% to 60% of capacity.
  • Stores supplying basic necessities, supermarkets, markets, warehouses and pharmacies go from 80% to 60% of capacity.
  • Cinemas and cultural centers go from 80% to 60% capacity.
  • All types of restaurants, even in open spaces and areas of 200 square meters or more, go from 80% to 60% of capacity.
  • Banks and other financial entities go from 80% to 60% of capacity.
  • Libraries, museums, cultural centers and art galleries go from 80% to 60% of capacity.
  • Activities of sports clubs and associations for sports with or without contact go from 80% to 60% of capacity.

For the regions included in the alert level “High”, all the capacity levels of the previous decree DS No. 179-2021-PCM are maintained.

It also extends, until January 16, 2022, the entry into the national territory of non-resident foreigners from the Republic of South Africa and the Republic of Botswana, or who have made a stopover in these places in the last 14 days.


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