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The mother, who strangled the children and left them to die in the cold near Saratov, declared her repentance (video)

Employees of the Investigative Committee for the Saratov Region showed footage of the interrogation of a woman suspected of a particularly brutal attempt to murder her own children. The mother told the security officials that she repented, but these words were too late – one of the child who suffered at her hands died.

A 43-year-old woman who lives in the village of Prokudino, Atkarsky District, said that the day before, being seized with anger because of the disobedience of children, she grabbed a scarf and began to strangle them. After making sure that her eight-year-old son and five-year-old daughter did not show signs of life, she threw her “blood of her own” into the ravine and fled to Engels.

The children were found without outerwear, only a girl survived. At the same time, as the regional children’s ombudsman Tatyana Zagorodnyaya said, she suffered a clinical death.

The measure of restraint for the suspect, against which criminal cases were initiated under two articles, including for the murder of a minor, have not yet been determined by the court.

The investigation, meanwhile, intends to thoroughly investigate all the causes of the tragedy and give a legal assessment of the living conditions and upbringing of the victims. Investigators will also pay attention to the work of the prevention authorities “in terms of completeness of control over the family.”

Source: Rosbalt

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