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Puno Region spent 35% of its budget to carry out works

Having had three governors in three years, is passing the bill to the Puno region. The political instability that caused the vacancy of Walter Aduviri, the subsequent incarceration of Agustin Luque Chayña and the recent start of the management of German Alejo, It had an impact on the stoppage of works and a low budget execution.

According to the Friendly Consultation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Puno region has a budget execution progress of 35.6% of a total of 425 million soles for project execution. Only 151 million soles was spent. 274 million soles remains to be executed. In the few days that remain in 2021, no more budget will be committed, according to specialists. In a better position Cusco with 76%, Arequipa (54%), Tacna (65%) and Moquegua (81%).

The low execution has had repercussions in the little progress of works in several provinces (see infographic). Most are works of importance in various sectors.

The economist Fredy Vilcapaza, assured that the statistical tables reveal that Germán Alejo, has not moved anything since he took office on November 3, 2021. He arrived at the post after the arrest of Agustín Luque, who is being investigated for being the leader of a criminal organization who decides to commit crimes of aggravated collusion.

“Now, you can’t ask too much of him either. The concrete thing is that the low execution comes from when Agustín Luque was in office. In any case, this would be the political person responsible for the low budget execution and for the stoppage of several works, ”said Vilcapaza.

Does not explain

For his part, Germán Alejo, did not want to refer to the issue in a specific way, but indicated that reinvigorating investment will take time for things to settle after the latest changes. He promised to put the accelerator on it in 2022.

The case has also received concern from the Regional Council. Delegate Jorge Zuñiga indicated that the only person responsible for what is happening in Puno is Agustín Luque. He recalled that Walter Aduviri was only in the government for seven months and after being imprisoned for the aimarazo case, he was vacated. He regretted that Luque was not able to push the investment program either.

“Germán Alejo will not do anything because he has been in office for a month. Rather, what must be demanded is that next year 2022 accelerate actions and guarantee the execution of investment, especially of those projects that are underway. Now, for this, it will necessarily be necessary for him to have a new technical team that is in line with the circumstances because otherwise history will repeat itself, ”Zúñiga said.

The economist Javier Choque, recalled that it is not the first time that Puno goes through these problems. He said previous governors faced low budget execution. “The previous governors to increase the execution of their budget what they did was commit expenses in acquisitions. But in practice they did little to execute works. The problem is the lack of technicians”, He specified.

Javier Choque, I specify that having three governors was the biggest political damage that could happen to the Puno region. This has not allowed long-term projects to materialize.

He indicated that the change of three authorities prevents attributing specific responsibility to any of the three. However, he specified that Agustín Luque spent more than two years in office and he should be the political person in charge of everything badly handled by the regional government up to now.

For his part, Wilber Cutipa, also an economist, indicated that if Germán Alejo does not define prioritizing works with a good technical team, the region will have completely lost four years.



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