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Amazon: keys to a sustainable industry for eastern Peru

The first day of the III Amazon Business Congress: “The urgent challenge of sustainable and inclusive development of the Peruvian Amazon” left notes on economic development with inclusion and environmental care from all levels of Government.

During his speech, the Vice Minister of Economy, Alex Contreras, he assured that there is an “urgent challenge” to achieve the sustainable rise of the Amazon, which will have a key episode for the generation of employment and local industrialization in the tax reform presented to Congress.

“At the MEF we are working on a new infrastructure plan that updates the current one and incorporates sustainability approaches. We are in a context where climate change will be a challenge, it is essential to build infrastructure that is friendly to the environment ”, He said.


Development and industry

During the forum, the former Minister of Development and Social Inclusion Carolina trivelli He pointed out that the second agrarian reform for the Amazon should be attacked from different fronts and in comprehensive packages for the benefit of local populations, and especially for family farming.

He pointed out that a first step would be to establish articulated interventions that generate the possibility of real innovation for living conditions and opportunities. He advanced, however, that this package requires a governance that allows and promotes it.

For his part, the former Vice Minister of Production Piero Ghezzi He stressed that the installation of industrial development poles – through ‘anchor’ companies – is vital to bring development to one of the regions with the highest informality index. Given the conditions, he pointed out that the Amazon should strengthen its timber market. “What is sometimes not understood is that well-concessioned areas are the least deforested,” he said.


The data

Agro. The Minister of Agriculture, Victor Maita, highlighted the implementation of the program “Promotion and Sustainable Management of Forest Production in Peru”Signed with the KFW Bank to reorient environmental guidelines in the jungle.


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