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The value of land at the Chancay Megaport multiplies: how much are they worth now?

The value of land at the Chancay Megaport multiplies: how much are they worth now?

With one year to go until the inauguration of the Chancay Multipurpose Port Terminal, better known as the Chancay Megaport, has already energized the economy of this part of the country. In the words of the mayor of this northern town, Juan Álvarez Andrade, the land has substantially increased in value. “The closer they are to the port of Chancay, the more they are valued.”

The project built by Cosco Shipping and the Peruvian mining volcano It has progress close to 50% and is expected to be opened within the framework of the Presidential Summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC). However, its economic impact is already noticeable. Therefore, in this note we will show you how much land in this area can cost and the difference compared to the price recorded years ago.

Chancay Megaport: how much does the construction of this project cost per square meter?

In dialogue with the Andina agency, the mayor of the Chancay district, Juan Alvarez Andradedetailed the price reached by the land adjacent to the space where the port terminal is being built that will facilitate the transit of goods between South America and Asia.

“It has been revalued quite a bit with the construction of the port, because 15 years ago it was 1 dollar per square meter (m²) and now it can reach up to 1,000 dollars if he land “It is within the city,” he explained.

Likewise, he pointed out that the owners of large agricultural lands who saw their crops affected are the ones who are taking advantage of this opportunity. However, these actions have increased the number of procedures to clean up and title their properties.

“Depending on the area, the land is priced, because There are lots of 1 hectare (10,000 square meters) that are selling for 1 million dollars; but, the closer they are to the port of Chancaythe more they are valued,” he added.

Along the same lines, he stated that, although the sale of land has increased, the same has not happened with applications for construction licenses, which are subject to the Urban Development Planwhich has been carried out to classify soil types and thus determine zoning.

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