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ASEI: Around 400 real estate projects worth US$1.5 billion are paralyzed

ASEI: Around 400 real estate projects worth US$1.5 billion are paralyzed

The Association of Real Estate Companies of Peru (ASEI) reported that almost 400 real estate projects valued at US$1.5 billion are paralyzed due to opposition from some districts.

“District mayors must clarify why they block projects that have all the permits and, on the other hand, approve or allow projects to operate that have the same characteristics or even valid questions,” says the Peruvian Taxpayers Association (ACP).

Regarding Social Interest Housing (VIS), the ACP added that the Constitutional Court has already ruled and, although the rule will have several changes, it considers that there should be no attack against real estate projects that already had approved licenses and complied with all parameters. “The law cannot be applied backwards, but towards the future,” he said.

In the last CADE Executives 2023, the head of the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation (MVCS), Hania Pérez de Cuellar, stated that “we cannot stop for Municipalities that oppose the social housing regulation. We are going to look for a solution mechanism for the VIS, which is one of the main topics on the agenda.”

It is worth mentioning that a few months ago, Carlos Bruce, mayor of Surco, indicated that the problem is due to the fact thatReal estate entrepreneurs began to build VIS in areas where land is so expensive that it is impossible to sell properties at a “social price.”

“They are dressing up to enjoy the greater heights with which the State It gives a bonus to those who invest in VIS, compared to other projects that do not,” he warned.

Source: Larepublica

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