Although it is not yet known the content of the urgent economic projects that President-elect Daniel Noboa Azín will send to the National Assembly, once he takes office, the Social Christian Party (PSC) offers support, therefore, according to the representative Jorge Acaiturri-Villa, this group and the new ruling party , National Democratic Action (ADN), are on the same line: tax incentives for companies that create jobs, no tax increases and prioritization of resources in energy matters.

This social-Christian councilor is the fourth member of the Legislative Administrative Council (CAL) and also a member of the Economic Development Commission. That table was chaired by Daniel Noboa in the previous legislative period, and is now managed by his co-chair Valentina Centeno; A total of four out of nine assemblymen are from ADN.

After intensive negotiations, fifteen specialized legislative commissions were formed.

The Christian social councilor said in an interview for Ecuavisa that “the president-elect has been clear about what he wants on economic issues” and believes that dialogue between the executive and legislative branches will be key to achieving goals that are also fundamental, such as tax incentives for companies that create jobs and allow us to strengthen and let’s reduce the cost structure so that Ecuador can be competitive and thus develop the economy.

He emphasized that Noboa Azín said that it is essential to prioritize energy resources. Regarding the tax reform, Acaiturri-Villa pointed out that they are “very clear” that it must be approved before the end of the year if they want it to enter into force in 2024. “We must act responsibly, but also with a sense of urgency, understanding the very serious economic, political and the social crisis that the nation is experiencing,” he assured.

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He said that it was clear from the talks they had with the new government that there would be no tax increase, since the PSC “always kept the tax increase as part of its red lines”, and that this was part of what led them to distance themselves from the current regime. “On the contrary, we believe in tax incentives that allow more international companies and national capital to invest in the country to stimulate its development, employment, strengthen consumption, sales and collection, enabling the Government to provide quality works and services, heat and coverage.”

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In labor matters, the legislator pointed out that the PSC stands by the proposal of hourly contracting. “We believe that this reform is essential to increase employment and so that more Ecuadorians can have an income. Likewise, our concept is that we have to work hard to make wages middle-income and upper-middle-income. We need to change the existing structure of job creation, minimum wages that keep people in poverty,” he said.

The Committee for the Development of the Economy, Production and Micro-Entrepreneurship consists of members of the Assembly: