He Black Friday It arrives this Friday, November 24th and as expected, many people are taking advantage of it to buy items for personal use, for the home or even for Christmas.

Although it is wonderful to take advantage of the long-awaited day-after deals Thanksgivingit is advisable to use it in moderation.

Fashion expert image consultant Amanda Briega explained to We Life magazine that there are ways to consciously source clothes so you don’t waste money on unnecessary things.

Black Friday: how to invest money well

There are still four weeks until Christmas, and the season’s gifts may represent a temptation that is ending nervous shoppingThat’s why Briega recommends evaluating in advance what kind of purchase will be made that day: “Think about whether it’s time to advance a Christmas gift, for example,” he says.

Guide to take advantage of Black Friday offers without affecting your finances

The expert also advises focusing on “those discounts that are only given occasionally and are usually not available for the rest of the year.”

Shoppers head to stores to take advantage of the start of Buen Fin today in Mexico City (Mexico). Photo: EFE

Make a list

Before you go to physical or online stores to swipe the card, here’s what you need to do first Make a list which contains the things that are really needed. If you are trying to buy clothes for personal use, it is more convenient to go to the closet and see which clothes are unused so that you can get more benefit from them. That way you can get a clearer scenario.

“It’s about having it a clothes hook that justifies that purchase so that it is not a light action. With all these marketing strategies that brands are using, we need to get to know them first and then use them to our advantage,” Briega adds.

This event is attended by the Cyber ​​MondayTherefore, the Rioja2 portal recommends that you set a budget and choose clarity on what you want to buy based on your personal finances.

Another thing that can be done is first look at the price developments to avoid scams. The professor of the Master in Electronic Commerce at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) Beltrán Gutiérrez believes that waiting until the end of Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday can offer better prices.