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Fuels: reference prices fell to S/0.70 per gallon this week

Fuels: reference prices fell to S/0.70 per gallon this week

The reference prices of the main fuels They continue to decline and this week they fell by up to S/0.70 per gallon, as reported by the Supervisory Body for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin).

The fuel that registered the greatest decline was premium gasolinewhich went from S/10.63 to S/9.93 per gallon, closely followed by regular gasoline, which decreased by S/0.68 to S/9.21 per gallon. The 84 gasoline Octane was placed at S/8.03 after dropping S/0.54 per gallon.

For its part, in the group of gasoholes, the premium gasohol was reduced by S/0.65 to S/10 per gallon, while regular gasohol It fell to S/9.33 after falling by S/0.64 per gallon. He 84 gasohol It fell by S/0.50 to S/8.25 per gallon.

Lastly, the B5 low sulfur diesel It was reduced by S/0.42 and stood at S/12.38 per gallon; meanwhile, the bottled LPG It reached S/2.22 after dropping S/0.03 per kilogram.

The values ​​you publish Osinergmin They are net ex-Plant prices, not including Taxes (ISC, IGV and filming) or Commercial Management expenses. It includes the average of the last 10 international crude oil (WTI) quotes, in this case from October 2 to 13, 2023.

Source: Larepublica

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