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SNI: “Piura has great industrial potential”

SNI: “Piura has great industrial potential”

The president of the National Society of Industries (SNI), Jesús Salazar Nishi, stated that 8 out of every 10 Piurans work in
labor informality, because the regions have not found a sustainable growth path and the only way to
Fighting poverty is through formality. “Labor informality is directly related to poverty,” she said.

Salazar Nishi indicated that Piura represents 3.8% of national manufacturing production and is one of the regions most affected by natural phenomena, however, it has an industrial potential that could make it one of the main generators
of employment and dynamizer of the Peruvian economy.

He added that, due to this situation, the SNI is promoting the legislative project for a new Industries Law, so that each region strengthens its economy, based on its resources and productive potential. “Piura has opportunities in commerce, construction and agribusiness, as well as in manufacturing, due to the abundance of natural resources and a strategic geopolitical location,” added the union leader.

For this reason, the SNI participated in the installation of the Executive Board for the Productive Development of the Piura Region, an initiative that is part of the territorial approach promoted by the union, and which is based on the publication Peru Regions by 2031, which includes 580 projects aimed at decentralizing productive activity in the country.

The installation of the executive board was presided over by governor of Piura, Luis Neyra León, who thanked the SNI for helping plan the future of the region. “We have more than 40 prioritized projects, including bridges, roads and health centers, and we are going to convene political leaders and economic agents to listen to their vision for the development of Piura,” he said.

Source: Larepublica

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