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Midagri: rules are being prepared to distribute unsold food

Midagri: rules are being prepared to distribute unsold food

The Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) is preparing the regulations for the Law that promotes actions for the recovery of food (Law No. 31477), which was approved a year and a half ago, but, so far, it is a dead letter. .

Sigrid Bazán, member of the Agrarian Commission of the Congressassured that the lack of political will in the latest Midagri efforts is seen as “a lack of respect for those who fight hunger every day.”

In detail, a route is established so that the recovery of non-marketed food—and that is in a perfect state of consumption—reaches the poorest Peruvians through social organizations. All this appealing to the good faith of the supply centers and intermediaries.

“This is a great opportunity for the country and, above all, for food security,” the Vice Minister of Family Agriculture Development, Christian Barrantes, told the aforementioned commission.

Likewise, Congresswoman Bazán recalled that annually 12.8 million tons of food are wasted every year, 47.6% of the total; and 5.6 million tons are lost in fruits and vegetables alone.

Furthermore, within their investigations they verified that in just three hours three tons of food can be recovered in the Great Wholesale Market of Lima. “This goes directly to the most vulnerable and food insecure populations. Can you imagine how much could be used if this practice were institutionalized? ”He remarked.


Record. It is in charge of midis and to subnational governments the creation of a national registry of food receiving entities to detail the volumes and universe of beneficiaries.

Responsibility. If the recovered food is in poor condition, the donors can be punished civilly or criminally.

Source: Larepublica

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