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Government allocates S / 1,000 million for payment of social debt to teachers

The Government of Pedro Castillo authorized in the Budget Law of 2022 allocate S / 1,000 million, from this year’s budget balances, to meet the payment of the social debt to teachers nationwide.

The measure is added to the transfer of S / 200 million made in August of this year, with which we will have S / 1,200 million to fully or partially cover 82% of the social debt existing with the members of the teaching profession.

The payment is planned to be made during 2021, for which the Regional Governments, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economy and Finance work in an articulated manner.

Payments to other sectors

Likewise, the Government authorized the disbursement of S / 300 million to continue advancing with the payment of the State’s debts in other sectors.

In this way, S / 500 million are allocated in just one year for this purpose. This transfer, which will take place during the month of December, will benefit 24,000 people, which represents 89% of the total.

S / 350 bonus for pensioners

On the other hand, the Ministry of Economy and Finance will transfer S / 203 million to the Social Security Normalization Office (ONP) to guarantee the payment of an extraordinary bonus of S / 350, in favor of more than 580 thousand pensioners of the National Pension System (DL 19990) and Special Fishing Regime, regulated by Law No. 30003.

The extraordinary bonus, which will be paid on December 22 and 23, will include those who acquired the right to a proportional pension until November 30, 2021.


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