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Andy Rivera fulfills his dream of singing with Ñejo and presents ‘Monument’

The video clip on YouTube already exceeds 15 million views.

During his visit to Ecuador, the Colombian singer Andy rivera presented Monument, a musical theme that he says is dedicated to the sensuality of women. The theme comes in collaboration with the artist Ñejo.

“The song is titled Monument because precisely whenever we make music we try to be inspired by women and what more beautiful creation than her “, expresses Rivera.

“The song was born because the track itself already transmitted to me that sensuality that only women know how to transmit … the song came to my head thinking about that” promptly. “adds the interpreter.

However, he says that the importance of women goes beyond what the song says or their physical appearance. “My life has been surrounded by women in a very important way, I have my mother with whom I have lived most of my life, who has been my light, my guide, I believe that she is my number 1 fans … and on the other hand I have my daughter, a beautiful 8-year-old girl who has taught me too much the power of women “, expresses.

“The admiration for her (the woman) goes far beyond the physical appearance and what the eyes can see, because I have really learned that women are very capable, of unimaginable things, and have a strength that goes beyond limits”, Add.

The song emerged during a composition camp in Tolú, Sucre, with his creative team made up of Maya, So Lit, Miky, Elektrik, Sinatra, Cuenca, e Ily Wonder this time. “I began to feel the need to want to go to other landscapes, we went to the Tintipán Islands to make music and there he was born Monument, in the middle of the sea, the palm trees, the sound of the waves. And the song always sounded like that, sensuality “, says the interpreter of songs like Fire, Someone I like, among others.

Once done, he traveled to Miami to present it to Ñejo along with 7 other songs, but the one chosen was Monument. Define this collaboration as a dream come true. “I’ve always listened to him since school days, when he had the duet with Dálmata, who played a very important part in reggaeton, especially in Medellín”, dice.

“I always wanted this collaboration, it was not easy, I knocked on Ñejo’s door many times … but things and God’s timing are perfect and the door was opened … today it is a reality”adds the artist.

The video clip on YouTube already exceeds 15 million views. “For me it was a dream to make the song, but I did not imagine that we would find a hit and this song got into Spotify’s top 50 in Colombia … in Ecuador, I’ve sung it, you know it”, says the Colombian.

He mentions that to close the year he is preparing a remix of his song Someone else, next to Carin Leon, singer of regional music. (E)

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