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Dollar: what to do with buying and selling when the situation hits its price?

In recent months, the rise in the dollar due to the political uncertainty it amazed the Peruvians because it had never been so high in all of our history.

Faced with this situation, two questions arise: what to do if you are thinking of buying dollars? Or are you already in the process of buying and the situation is impacted by incidents and hits its price?

In this context, Securex Peru, a fintech dedicated to buying and selling dollars through an online platform, answers the 05 most common questions that users ask when buying dollars in a complex political context.

– Should I be alarmed by the notorious rise in the dollar ?: Before we worry, let’s stay calm. Let us remember that we are in a new government so changes are part of our daily bread, however, let us constantly review what the platforms for buying and selling dollars say and see their latest movements.

– How fast will it affect the exchange rate ?: the effect is immediate and it does not matter if it is morning or afternoon. The situation is definitely one of the weighty elements in the foreign exchange market, so it is important to always be alert to the Peruvian context. For example, given the latest events on Wednesday, October 6, the dollar began to decline. We will even continue to feel the effect on the dollar for the next few days.

– ¿Buy or wait?: To buy or sell dollars at a good price, it is necessary to be aware and see the latest movements in the previous days. If you are about to buy and something unforeseen happens like the latest events, it is recommended to take a break and wait a bit. Most likely, the dollar will decline and will likely continue to decline for the next few days. However, in case there is an emergency involved, do not hesitate to buy, because having dollars is always necessary.

– What time is the best time to buy dollars ?: in the world of currencies there is a well-known term, that of the exchange market. As long as it is open, generally between 9 am and 1 pm, Monday through Friday, transactions can be carried out.

– How to choose a secure platform for currency exchange?

The market offers us various digital alternatives for buying and selling dollars. However, some elements must be taken into account when sharing our information.

Among them, safety in all aspects. On the one hand, the implementation of artificial intelligence technologies to protect personal information; and on the other, to ensure that transactions are safe and of quality.

With these recommendations, users will be able to make the best decisions according to their needs. In addition, they will be able to learn much more about the currency market the importance of making quality transactions in dollars safely.


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