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Osiptel confirms fines to Telefónica and Entel for more than S / 200,000

The Supervisory Body for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel) confirmed the fines of 51 UIT and 8.1 UIT for the telephone companies Entel and Telefónica, respectively, for different violations of the Single Ordered Text of the Portability Regulation in the Mobile Public Service and the Fixed Telephone Service.

In the case of Entel, the ratified fine, amounting to 51 UIT (S / 224,400), was resolved after the telephone company incurred in sending forty-five (45) documents that do not correspond to the payment of indicated debts, during a portability request process.

For its part, the fine confirmed for Telefónica del Peru, amounting to 8.1 UIT (S / 35,640), corresponds to non-compliance with the corrective measure previously imposed through Resolution No. 496-2015-GG / OSIPTEL. This concerns the non-refund of amounts amounting to S /. 1,196.84 to the Telecom Clade SCRL subscriber and S /. 6,727.55 to 24 inactive subscribers.

In recent weeks, Osiptel also ratified, in second instance, the fines imposed on Claro for 548.72 Tax Units (UIT), a value in soles established by the State to determine taxes, infractions, fines and that, in this case, equivalent to US $ 580,454 (S / 2 million 414 thousand 368) for not complying with the established performance improvement commitments.


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