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Britain has created a tracker for women walking alone

British telecommunications company BT Group has developed a GPS tracking service for women walking alone. Writes about this “BBC”.

The Walk Me Home tracker was created as a mobile application. To start it, you need to call or send a text message to 888 before walking. Thus, the service starts tracking the location of a person while walking.

Before setting off on a journey, the user must enter the destinations into the mobile application. For example, a store or your own home. The application will call the user when, according to the system’s calculations, he will have to arrive at the end point. If there is no response, the tracker calls the British emergency services and then the police.

In early October, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson accused the police of not paying enough attention to crimes against women. According to the politician, the current situation “causes anger.” He also noted that Britain’s law enforcement system needs to be reformed.

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