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Inflation 2023: what are the products that rose and fell in price the most in May?

Inflation 2023: what are the products that rose and fell in price the most in May?

For May of this year, inflation in Metropolitan Lima presented an advance of 0.32% and had an annualized growth of 7.90%, the lowest in 14 months, according to the recent report of the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI). ). The Consumer Price Index (CPI).

According to the INEI report, the increase occurred in the sectors of food and non-alcoholic beverages (0.98%), restaurants and hotels (0.69%), goods and services (0.38%), alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics (0.38%), clothing and footwear (0.38%), health (0.24%), furniture, household items and ordinary home maintenance (0.19%), recreation and culture (0.13%) and education (0.07%).

On the other hand, the costs that fell the most were: accommodation, water, electricity, gas and other fuels (-0.75%), transport (-0.31%) and communications (-0.01%).

For the fifth month of this year, of the 586 products that make up the family basket, 402 registered price increases, 96 decreased and 88 products maintained their prices.

In detail, the products that increased their costs the most were Chinese onion (66.61%), tomato (37.23%), cilantro (29.09%), cucumber (21.71%), spinach (21.08% ), lettuce (20.69%) red head onion (17.06%) and leek (17.01%), while green peas (-32.89%), carrots (-10.09%), lemon (-9.05%), white potato (-8.17%), tangerine (-7.53%), diesel oil (-6.92%), olluco (-6.82%) and huayro potato ( -6.72%) presented a drop in their costs.

It should be noted that fish and shellfish (6.6%) such as mackerel (15.5%), bonito (14.9%), horse mackerel (13.3%), sea bass (5.9%), parakeet (4, 2%) and hake (1.9%) increased their costs due to abnormal waves that led to a lower entry of these products to the markets. To these are added other products such as coriander (29.1%), ground yellow chili (13.9%), basil (13.0%), ground garlic (12.2%), hydrated dressings (7.6 %)), special ground chili pepper (6.4%), fresh cow cheese (3.6%), chicken eggs (3.2%) and evaporated milk (1.3%), celery (13, 3%), chili pepper (11.8%), chopped vegetables (10.7%), beets (9.9%), broccoli (8.9%) and corn (3.9%); and sugar, jam, honey, chocolate and sugar candies (1.7%) such as brown (3.4%) and white (2.3%) sugar, dry corn field (3.8%), packaged rice ( 2.5%), crackers (1.7%), cake (1.3%), savory cakes (1.3%), packaged oats (1.0%), bulk rice (0.8%) and dry long pasta noodles (0.5%); mineral waters, soft drinks, fruit and vegetable juices (0.4%) such as soft drinks (0.6%), mineral water without gas (0.5%) and table water without gas (0.3%); coffee, tea and cocoa (0.2%) of which cocoa powder (1.1%) and ground roasted coffee (0.8%) rose.

On the other hand, the foods with a downward trend were blueberries (-6.4%), strong avocado (-5.5%) and passion fruit (-2.0%). Likewise, meat (-0.8%) such as eviscerated chicken (-4.0%), chicken cuts: wings (-1.2%) and leg (-0.1%) also decreased their cost.

Source: Larepublica

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