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The trainer called the best exercises for the prevention of asthma

The trainer called the best exercises for the prevention of asthma

Trainer Frolov advised exercises with widely spaced arms for the prevention of asthma

Wushu coach Oleg Frolov on the air of the St. Petersburg TV channel named the best exercises for asthma prevention.

To begin with, the coach advised to put one foot forward and put your hands behind your back. Then you need to bend the knee of the leg in front so that it goes beyond the foot, lower the chin to the chest, and bring the shoulders forward. At this time, you need to make a full exhalation and hold your breath for a few seconds.

During the next exercise, it is necessary to inhale in the same position with the shoulders pulled back. When performing the last exercise, you need to spread your legs wide, bend your knees and raise your arms, then spread them wide and collect them in a cross at the chest. After that, you need to exhale, bend completely, with one hand push the other away from you and hold your breath.

On May 31, fitness trainer Alexander Kalagur advised exercises for pumping arm muscles. Kalagur suggested starting with pull-ups with a reverse grip. The expert also advised to perform extension of the arms on a low crossbar.

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