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Collective bargaining: Ombudsman sends letter to the Executive to speed up economic report

Collective bargaining: Ombudsman sends letter to the Executive to speed up economic report

Unions demand that the MEF specify the fiscal space for the year 2024 and thus be able to start the negotiations of the centralized bloc. However, they warn of a possible reduction in resources.

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After the press conference called by the Expanded State Unit—made up of the CITE, CTE, Unasse, Conasep and Confetep unions—, the Ombudsman’s Office issued an official letter requesting the Executive Power to indicate the progress of the Final Report on the Situational State of the Public Sector and the measures to promote collective bargaining.

This occurs after State workers denounced obstacles on the part of the Government to start collective bargaining (Law No. 31188), which has a deadline of June 30. Despite having delivered the fold of orders seven months ago and installing the commission on May 10, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) still does not present the financial report with the fiscal space.

It should be noted that José Miguel Delgado, president of the Unasse confederation and coordinator of the Expanded State Unit, told La República that the resources allocated for the year 2024 are also expected to be greater than the previous amount, which began with S/370 million as fiscal space and amounted to S/830 million. “The expectation is that it will be more, but we have information that, mistakenly, the Government is proposing absolutely lower figures, which would cause worker dissatisfaction and social conflicts,” Delgado said.

Source: Larepublica

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