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Food bonus: 6.5 million people will receive a subsidy of S / 270

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The Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis)specified that 6.5 million people will be the beneficiaries of the S/ 270 food voucher. This government subsidy—which seeks to deal with the food crisis and the rise in food prices in the basic food basket—is for a group of users in a situation of vulnerability and for the beneficiaries of the social programs Together, Pension 65 and With You .

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Likewise, on August 15, the delivery of this support will begin for those enrolled in social programs, which are approximately more than one million users according to figures from the MIDI. It should be noted that the start date for those who are not part of these groups is yet to be confirmed.

How much is the food voucher amount?

Adults in vulnerable situations who do not belong to social programs will receive a grant of S / 270. In addition, the MIDI has confirmed that there will be around 6.5 million people who are within the register and will be the beneficiaries of this financial support.

For their part, users of the Juntos, Pension 65 and Contigo social programs will receive an extra income equivalent to the amount already assigned to them. That is, S/ 200 for Together, S/ 250 for Pension 65 and S/ 300 for citizens registered with Contigo.

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According to Midis, there are 643,157 households in a situation of vulnerability in the Together program, 577,043 older adults in a situation of poverty in the Pension 65 program, and 77,063 people in a situation of disability in the Contigo program. Therefore, more than a million people will benefit.

How much will the food voucher begin to be delivered?

East Monday, August 15, payment will begin for beneficiaries of social programs. The first will be those of Pension 65, who will be able to collect S / 250 through the Banco de la Nación, for their part, those in rural areas will have to wait for the paying carts from September 19.

The following will be the people who receive the support of Together, who will be able to collect the additional S / 200 from the third week of August. Finally, citizens enrolled in the Contigo program will have the extraordinary subsidy of S/ 300 at the end of this month.

For the other group of beneficiaries—the 6.5 million people included in the census of MIDIA date for the delivery of the bond has not yet been set.

Source: Larepublica

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