An immigration law promoted by Ron DeSantisthe governor of Florida, would go into effect July 1 after approval by the state congress. After the Republican majority gave the go-ahead, the text went to DeSantis’ office to be promulgated.

This bill is one of the hardest blows against immigration in any state in the United Statesbut the issue has become a priority for DeSantis, who is expected to hear his presidential candidacy in the coming weeks.

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The main strategy of the Republican politician is to move migrants, to protest the president’s immigration policy Joe Biden. This law would give him a $12 million budget for his relocation initiative.

“We will not turn a blind eye to the dangers of the Biden border crisis. We will continue to take steps to protect Floridians from reckless federal open-border policies,” DeSantis said when introducing the bill.

Florida Immigration Law Key Points

These measures have not been well received by the Democratic authorities and immigration organizations in the state of Florida.

“The bill is politically motivated and it is an anti-immigrant bill that will affect and it will even lead to the death of undocumented immigrantssaid Democratic Representative Susan Valdes.

Renata Bozzetto, deputy director of the Florida Immigrant Coalition, complained that “a bill with so many problems and incredible potential for harm has been rushed and all amendments rejected.”

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According to Samuel Vilchez Santiago, director of the American Business Immigration Coalition in Florida, in Florida for every 100 open positions only 70 applicants apply.

In a statement to EFE, Vilchez Santiago argued that the immigration law will “seriously exacerbate Florida’s acute labor shortage” and will harm businesses and consumers.

“Our businesses desperately need workers in key industries such as construction, hospitality, healthcare and agriculture, which rely heavily on the labor of undocumented immigrants to keep their doors open.”