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Union Sped of Italy will be the new supplier of urea

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The Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri) finally decided to abide by the observations of the Comptroller General of the Republic and disqualified the company Ready Oil Supply LLCwhich was chosen as the winner on August 2 in the recent tender for the sale of urea to the country.

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As announced by the head of Midagri, Andrés Alencastre, they will give the good pro to the only finalist company that was not observed, but that offers a higher price: this would be the italian Union Speedaccording to the reports of Comptroller.

“We have decided to take into account the considerations that the Comptroller has raised and move forward with the project to determine the good pro to the third (finalist company), which is the one that is not objected to under any point of view, even when this means a greater price on this acquisition,” he said.

The minister explained that there were three finalist companies in the contest that offered to deliver the fertilizer between 44 and 45 days, and the three had different prices of US$580 (Ready Oil Supply), US$600 (Direcagro Grupo 06) and US$623 (Union Sped) per metric ton.

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“That meant an option that could give us the same time of access to urea here in warehouses in Peru, a single batch in transport, and 45 days for arrival. With those prices and that consideration of opportunity, we opted for one (Ready Oil Supply), but we immediately received a report from the Comptroller’s Office that put three clearly established points on the business consistency in the 3-year terms, the sales volumes of urea in 5 years and on the date of constitution”, he pointed out.

Union Sped Conditions

The new supplier of fertilizers, Union Sped, would deliver a first batch of 41,372 t up to 45 days from the notification of the purchase order; that is, at the end of September, and the second batch of 24,215 t would arrive in 15 more days (October). However, agreeing to make a single delivery of the total 65,587 t after 45 days is not ruled out, since that was the company’s initial proposal. The Italian is specialized in the transport of goods between countries, and was founded in 2010.

They will give a bonus of S / 138 to farmers for delay

While waiting for the arrival of urea in the country to meet the agricultural campaign, The Government will provide a subsidy of S / 138 to small farmers.

About 132,000 field workers would be benefited so that they can afford the payment of S / 211, on average, which is required to buy a 50-kilo bag of fertilizers.

“We have issued an emergency decree to proceed with the delivery of economic support for producers with land of less than 5 hectares with prioritized crops so that they can access the fertibonos from August 22,” Alencastre specified.

Of the S/348 million destined for the importation of urea, a balance of S/144 million remained, and with that amount the Fertibono will be financed.

Source: Larepublica

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