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BCRP: Most business expectations continued to recover in March despite Cyclone Yaku

BCRP: Most business expectations continued to recover in March despite Cyclone Yaku

Most of the business expectations to three months they recovered in March, compared to the previous month; however, four of the six macroeconomic indicators are still in the pessimistic range (less than 50 points), according to the latest report from the Central Bank of Peru (BCRP). The expectation regarding the hiring of personnel is the only one that did not change and continues for the second month at 45 units.

In a month marked by natural disasters as a result of Cyclone Yaku, expectations about the national economy went from 42 to 43 points. While those corresponding to the sector rose three to 47. The company’s investment grew from 46 to 47. Meanwhile, the company’s situation entered the neutral section with 50 and the demand for products reached optimistic territory for the first time with 52 to three months.

Situation of expectations to 12 months

The 12-month macroeconomic expectations continue for the second month in an optimistic range, but some falls were registered in February. Regarding the economy and the sector, they did not vary and continue at 52 and 55, respectively.

On the other hand, the expectations about the situation of the company decreased one unit to 58. The demand for the products rose from 60 to 61. In contrast, the hiring of personnel and the investment in his company decreased two points and reached 52 and 53, respectively.

Balance of the current situation

In what corresponds to the current situation, all the indicators continue in pessimistic territory. Thus, the business continues at 48 points, while sales grew from 42 to 47.

Along the same lines, production and purchase orders in relation to the previous month rose three points to 43 and 44 each. Instead, product demand relative to expectations remains at 37 and days of unwanted inventory fell from 13 to 12 in March.

Source: Larepublica

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