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Dollar in Peru: exchange rate fell after two weeks and closed at S / 3,995 on November 15

The price of the dollar closed down and stood at S / 3.9950 in the operations of the Monday, November 15. The greenback started the day at S / 4.0204 as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

The currency depreciated -0.6%, compared to the session on Friday, November 12, when it reached S / 4.0190. Thus, the greenback left the threshold of S / 4.00 in which it was located since November 2.

The president of the BCRP, Julio Velarde, announced on November 11 that the Peruvian economy would grow by 13.2%. Likewise, Velarde emphasized that only Chile surpasses Peru in growth indicators, but in any case better than other countries in the region such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

“Such a strong monetary and fiscal stimulus package was applied that we are enjoying it now. It is not just a rebound, it is a consequence of the political actions that were taken, ”he explained in a forum organized by the School of Public Management of the Universidad del Pacífico.

Likewise, it was agreed to raise the reference interest rate to 2%, maintaining an expansionary monetary policy stance.

Added to this is the recent irrevocable resignation of Walter Ayala as Defense Minister.

On the international scene, the safe-haven dollar hit a 16-month high against a basket of major pairs on Monday, fueled by concerns about global growth and inflation as investors waited for new data this week on the status. of the American consumer.

The dollar index, which measures the currency against six pairs, hit 95,287 on Monday, its highest level since July 2020, and was up 0.14% for the last time at 95,266.

According to Reuters, demand for the dollar had softened on Friday, when a report showed consumer confidence fell to its lowest level in a decade, due in part to rising inflation, but reaffirmed again on Monday after. that the central banks of Europe and the United Kingdom expressed growth and prices.


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