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Dream of your own home: what are the requirements to obtain a home with a loan from Banco de la Nación?

Dream of your own home: what are the requirements to obtain a home with a loan from Banco de la Nación?

Review the documentation and requirements to access a mortgage loan from Banco de la Nación with preferential rates.

In the middle of a difficult economic contextFor many, the dream of owning a home has become a distant pretension. However, there are some state benefits that can help you obtain the dream home through mortgage loans, such as the one offered by Banco de la Nación with the most competitive rates in the market. Find out in this note the requirements and all the documentation to consider to get the desired financing.

Requirements to access the mortgage loan

  • Being an appointed public worker, with an indefinite-term contract or public sector pensioners, with a savings account at Banco de la Nación.
  • have a minimum employment seniority of one year.
  • perceive a Minimum monthly income of S/800.
  • Not have debts with more than four financial entities.
  • Obtain a normal qualification in the Central de Riesgo of the Superintendence of Banking and Insurance.

Which bank offers the best mortgage loan in Peru?

He National bank offers an effective annual rate (TORCH) of between 5.99% and 7.25%, ranking as the most competitive in the market. The SBSthrough its Cost and Performance of Financial Products platform, indicates that the rates for mortgage credit vary between 8.20% and 87.91% in banks, municipal savings banks and financial companies.

In Interbankone is offered TORCH minimum of 8.20% for a mortgage loan for S/240,000 for 15 years, while the loan for My bank records the highest maximum TEA when offering 87.91% yearly for the same product and time.

For a loan for S/120,000 for 15 years, GNB bank and Crediscotia Financial offer 9.00% and 10%, respectively. On the opposite side and for the same period, are located My bank (87.91%), followed by Piura Box (26.82%), Edpyme Micasita (25%), Qapaq Financial (17.5%) and Financiera Crediscotia (17%).

How to communicate with Banco de la Nación?

For any query, the National bank has made these telephone channels available:

  • Telephones: 440-5305 / 442-4470
  • Free line: 0 800 10 700

Source: Larepublica

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