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Satse denounces that the workload in primary care services is unsustainable

After the closure of the main vaccine fields, the third dose, the Janssen booster and the influenza vaccination campaign add to the already existing workload.

The Euskadi Nursing Union, Bet, has stated that Primary Care nurses in the Basque Autonomous Community are “to the limit”, with an unaffordable work overload. “

Likewise, it has denounced that to “the bad organization and lack of personnel in the health centers” is added the dismantling of the vaccine fields and the flu campaign, what “is endangering“the safety of patients as well as the health of healthcare professionals.

In a statement, he assured that the situation that is being experienced in recent weeks in Osakidetza and, especially in the Primary Care centers of Euskadi, is of “saturation and extreme overload” for health professionals, as the union itself has denounced.

As a consequence, “the services offered are being stressed,” while nurses are being “pushed to the limit”.

Satse recalled that weeks ago the main vaccination centers closed launched by the covid-19, which has caused “this important task” to be derived, in a majority, to health centers.

As they have explained, it is a service that has been added to the traditional flu vaccination campaign, although the times to carry it out “are insufficient”, so that the flu vaccine and the covid-19 vaccine are being inoculated at the same time, but with only one minute of interval between people.

To do this, you are overloading the nurses who carry out their work in these health centers, since “the necessary reinforcements” have not been added, they have criticized.

Patient’s health at risk

The spokesperson for Satse Euskadi, Amaia Mayor, has warned that “this situation may put patient safety at risk“and has underlined that the current reorganization of primary care has led to more and more needs to carry them out with the same staff.

In this sense, Mayor has added that “the nurses’ agendas are so tight that a task has not been completed when they have to start with another and they overlap”, which means that there is no time necessary to prepare the following tasks well in advance. Therefore, he has stated that it is “essential have the time. “

The union wanted to warn that “the safety of patients is threatened by the work structure that is being imposed, skipping all the minimums established in the protocols of good practice.”

They have also added that “this structure is being imposed by the same organization, which should ensure that care functions are carried out within the established and scientifically agreed quality criteria” and have ensured that “during and after the pandemic, also due to the shortage of doctors, tasks have been added to nursing, previously carried out by other professionals, without facilitating an increase in staff and without carrying out any personal or financial recognition “.

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