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‘Time is running out,’ Pope Francis warns COP26 leaders

He expressed his “regret” for not having been able to travel to the Scottish city of Glasgow, the venue of the conference, as “expected”.

“Time is running out” to save the planet, Pope Francis warned on Thursday to political leaders gathered in Scotland (United Kingdom) on the eve of the end of the UN conference on climate change COP26.

“We pray that the gift of wisdom and strength of God guide those in charge of the international community in their quest to face the important challenge they have, with concrete decisions, inspired by responsibility towards present and future generations,” he wrote. the pope in a letter in English, addressed to the Catholics of Scotland and released by the Vatican.

“Time is running out, this opportunity should not be wasted,” stressed the Argentine pontiff, 84, expressing his “regret” for not having been able to travel to the Scottish city of Glasgow, host of the conference, as “expected ”.

At the end of October, in a speech broadcast by the BBC, the pope reminded “those who make political decisions … that they are urgently called to provide effective responses to the current ecological crisis.”

The Pope’s request was launched after the United States and China, the main emitters of greenhouse gases, about 40% of the world, announced on Wednesday a joint agreement to strengthen the fight against climate change in the next decade.

The announcement raised hopes for countries to make new and drastic commitments, two days before the end of the climate change conference, during which experts have warned of the catastrophe that is coming. (I)

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