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Three other managers of public companies are out of office

Within the evaluation that the Government carries out in public companies, in the Ecuadorian Oil Fleet (Flopec), in Santa Bárbara, which manufactures weapons, and in the National Mining Company (Enami), the availability presented by their managers was accepted.

Thus, Oswaldo Ramón Rosero was left out of Flopec and Aníbal Alfredo López from Santa Bárbara, after the board meetings of these companies that were held this Friday, February 3, 2023. The departure of Reinaldo Reyes Nole as Enami’s substitute general manager was announced on Thursday February 2.

President Guillermo Lasso accepted the resignation of Luis Verdesoto “due to lack of concrete results” in the Anti-Corruption Secretariat

With them are five managers removed from the position after the evaluation process that began on January 17 after the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, requested that all managers of public companies present the availability of the position.

The first to leave was the manager of the Coordinating Company of Public Companies (EMCO), Carlos Ramiro Guayaquil. And on Friday, January 27, the Board of the National Electricity Corporation (CNEL) unanimously decided to accept the availability of the position of its manager, Antonio Clemente Icaza.

Carlos Guayaquil, deputy manager of EMCO, was removed from the position

On the contrary, six managers have been ratified so far in this process that arose after the denunciation of the existence of an alleged network of corruption in that environment.

On February 1, the general managers of Petroecuador, Hugo Aguiar; from the National Telecommunications Corporation (CNT), Ralph Suástegui; of Ecuadorian Naval Shipyards (Astinave), Byron Machuca; and from Creamos Infraestructura, Julio Vásquez.

However, they may be renewed in the future, since the EMCO reported that “officials must continue to exercise their functions with absolute responsibility and under the permanent evaluation of the Boards of each of the public companies, being possible to make changes at any time in according to the needs of each public company”.

They have also been ratified as managers Gonzalo Uquillas in the Electricity Corporation of Ecuador (Celec) and Teddy Mackliff in the Public Water Company.

This weekend the Postal Services board is scheduled to meet to decide on the availability of the position of María Verónica Alcívar.

In Ecuador there are 13 public companies. Twelve of them make sales of $18,000 million, and have expenses of $14,000 million. 50% of these amounts correspond to Petroecuador and the remaining 50% to the other eleven. Company 13 is EMCO, which is the coordinator. This according to data provided by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of EMCO, Joaquín Ponce, who has been in office since last December 18 and has indicated that when he received his office, his predecessor, Hernán Luque – who is now involved in a scandal of corruption-, did not deliver any management report. Ponce has also asked the Comptroller to examine all managers. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso


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