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UK gives France 48 hours to resolve fisheries dispute

For its part, France has said that it can apply sanctions against the United Kingdom as of Tuesday if it does not reach an agreement for London to grant it the fishing licenses it considers to be entitled under the “Brexit” agreement.

The minister british of Foreign Affairs, Liz Truss, has given 48 hours to France so that it “leaves its threats” related to the fishing conflict, aggravated by the arrest of a British fishing boat last week.

France, meanwhile, has advised that you can apply sanctions against the UK From this one Tuesday if you do not agree that London will grant you the fishing licenses that you believe you are entitled to under the agreement of the Brexit.

The origin of the conflict lies in the fishing licenses in the English Channel after the Brexit. The United Kingdom has granted some 200 licenses to the French country, but France claims several dozen more.

The Foreign Minister, speaking to Sky News, said that France and the United Kingdom have not yet reached an agreement, while she has accused Paris of making “completely unreasonable threats” against the British fishing industry.

“They have to withdraw these threats,” insisted the minister, who has not ruled out legal measures and stressed that this problem “needs to be resolved in the next 48 hours.”

France intends to ban British fishing boats to land their catches in some French ports and wants to tighten sanitary and customs controls.

“Stop threatening UK fishing vessels, stop threatening Channel (English) ports and accept that we have every right to assign fishing licenses under the agreement,” Truss stressed in relation to the Brexit. The head of the Foreign Office replied with “absolutely” to the possibility of legal measures in the coming days.

Without an agreement at the G20 meeting

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, yesterday urged the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, to withdraw his “threats” to prevent the landing of British fishing boats if no more licenses are offered for Gallic vessels in the waters of Great Britain and the islands of the United Kingdom. English Channel, according to an official spokesperson.

In a meeting between the two on the margins of the G20 that was held in Rome, Johnson stressed his “deep concern about the rhetoric of the French government in recent days,” added the source.

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