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Algeria summons its ambassador to Madrid after Spain’s turn on Western Sahara

Algeria summons its ambassador to Madrid after Spain’s turn on Western Sahara

Algeria summons its ambassador to Madrid after Spain’s turn on Western Sahara

The new position of Spain to support the Rabat autonomy plan for Western Sahara has provoked a resounding response from Algeria, which decided this Saturday to call its ambassador in Madrid for consultations “with immediate effect”.

The Algerian reaction was made through its Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which explained that it has been “very surprised” by the “sudden change” of Spain’s position in supporting Morocco’s autonomy project for the Sahara after several years of support to the United Nations plan.

“Very surprised by this sudden change of position of the former administrative power of Western Sahara”, says the note from the Algerian Ministry, which has consequently decided to call its ambassador in Madrid, Said Musi.

The announcement of Spain’s new position was initially made on Friday by the Moroccan royal cabinet and was later confirmed by the Spanish government, and represents a change in Spain’s position regarding the future of the Sahara, a former Spanish colony, since until now Spain defended the UN agreements to hold a referendum in the Sahara and thus determine the political future of this territory.

Shortly after the announcement with Spain’s new position was known, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, José Manuel Albares, confirmed that Spain considers that Morocco’s 2007 plan for autonomy in the Sahara is “the most serious, realistic and credible basis ” for the “resolution” of the conflict.

The Government of the United States also expressed itself in the same terms. A spokesman for the US State Department reiterated to Efe on Friday that Morocco’s plan for Western Sahara is a “serious, credible and realistic” initiative, and is “a potential approach to meet the aspirations of the people of Western Sahara.” “.

“Second historical betrayal” to the Saharawi people

However, the announcement by the Spanish Government of its support for the Moroccan autonomy initiative for Western Sahara It was perceived by the Algerian press as a “second betrayal” of the Saharawi people who have been fighting for their independence for more than four decades.

This act is a “second historical betrayal of the Saharawi people by Madrid after the disastrous agreement of 1975”, the digital newspaper “Tout sur l’Algérie” reported today, citing a diplomatic source close to the conflict.

“Finally, Morocco has obtained what it wanted from Spain,” added the newspaper after recalling the diplomatic and migratory crisis between both shores.

Along the same lines, the Arabic daily “Echuruk” said on its official website that the change in position of Spain is “the second historical betrayal of the former colonizer of Western Sahara against his people.”

Relations between Spain and Algeria

Spain’s new position puts an end to almost a year of diplomatic disputes with Rabat, especially over migration, but this appeasement with Morocco opens a new chapter in bilateral relations between Algiers and Madrid, which in recent months have been particularly intense due to the Spain’s interest in guaranteeing gas supply.

Algeria is, in fact, the main supplier of gas to Spain, a country to which it supplies 47% of its needs during the first half of 2021. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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