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António Guterres says Taliban “cooperate” to provide humanitarian assistance

Last September, during the General Assembly, the Taliban asked for formal recognition at the UN.

The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, said on Wednesday that the Taliban regime in Afghanistan is “cooperating” to provide assistance and humanitarian aid to the country, although he criticized its “violations of human rights, including those of women, children and ethnic minorities ”.

In a video message recorded for a forum organized by Iran on humanitarian assistance to its neighboring country, Guterres acknowledged that the UN is delivering aid to Afghans “in cooperation with the Taliban, who have guaranteed access to requested areas and provided security when needed. “

The secretary general recalled that the humanitarian crisis facing the Asian country has “epic” dimensions and has put it “on the brink of catastrophe” for which he asked that the international community not block but rather inject liquidity into the Afghan economy, ” which can be done without violating international laws or compromising (fundamental) principles. “

But at the same time, he reminded the new Afghan authorities of their pending duties: “an inclusive and representative government that respects international laws and guarantees human rights and fundamental freedoms”, something that seems to contradict the “worrying violations” of these rights. .

And finally, he reminded the Taliban that both Afghans and the inhabitants of their entire neighboring region “need a safe country and not one that is a haven for terrorists or a center for drug trafficking.”

Last September, during the General Assembly, the Taliban requested formal recognition at the UN as the legitimate representatives of Afghanistan, but this request was put on hold while it is dealt with by an ad hoc committee of the Assembly that usually meets in November and deals with cases. more controversial, such as those of Afghanistan or Burma, states that have undergone regime change in recent times. (I)

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