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Overwhelming UN vote pressures China over stance on Ukraine

Overwhelming UN vote pressures China over stance on Ukraine

An overwhelming United Nations vote on a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could increase pressure on China to take a clearer stance on the issue.

On Wednesday, in an emergency session, the UN General Assembly approved by 141 votes in favor and 5 against the measure that urges Russia to immediately stop its “aggression”. Russia was joined only by Belarus – a key launching point for its invasion – Eritrea, North Korea and Syria in opposing the non-binding resolution.

The vote underscored China’s continued efforts to avoid taking a clear stance against military action by its close diplomatic partner, despite Beijing’s frequent defense of UN-guaranteed sovereign rights.

The country, one of five veto members on the UN Security Council, was among 35 states that abstained in the vote.

China’s permanent representative to the UN Zhang Jun said the resolution “had not been the subject of full consultation among all members, nor did it take into account the history and complexity of the current crisis”, according to the official media Xinhua News Agency.

They are not in line with China’s positions. Therefore, China had no choice but to refrain.Zhang said.

The war is testing Chinese President Xi Jinping’s commitment to a relationship last month.unlimited” with Putin, as the United States and its allies add sanctions and pressure Beijing to take a stand against military aggression.

In recent days, Xi has urged Putin to continue negotiations and China has also refrained from passing a binding UN Security Council resolution condemning the attack.

The overwhelming condemnation of 141 states in opposition to China’s strategic partner Russia is a clear signal to China that other states are watching how a leading state like China responds to the blatant abuse of Ukrainian sovereignty.said Courtney Fung, an associate professor at Macquarie University and an associate fellow at Chatham House. “Talk about a ‘Cold War mentality’ is one thing, but tolerating the invasion is another”.

While China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi this week called the conflict a “war” and urged the protection of civilians in a call with his Ukrainian counterpart, Dmytro Kuleba, China has refrained from publicly calling for a ceasefire or using the term “invasion”. China has not criticized Russia and continues to express support for its security concerns and blame the United States for precipitating the crisis.

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