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Ukraine-Russia conflict LIVE: Putin recognizes rebellious regions of Ukraine and countries promise sanctions

the president of Russia, Vladimir Putinissued on the afternoon of Monday, February 21, a statement recognizing the rebel regions of UkraineDonetsk and Luhansk.

After its announcement, entities such as the NATO, the UN and countries like United States, United Kingdom and FranceThey promised sanctions against Russia.

Antonio Guterresgeneral secretary of the UNnoted that the organization fully supports Ukraine and that Russia’s decision is a “violation of the Ukrainian territorial integrity”.

The UN Security Council meets urgently on Monday night to study the situation in Ukraine. The meeting started at 9:00 p.m. local time in New York (02.00 GMT on Tuesday 22), something very unusual not only because of the night hours but also because of the urgency of its call.

For his part, the US president, Joe Bidenwill issue an executive order to “prohibit new investment, trade and financing by Americans from, to or in the regions” prorussian of Donetsk and Lugansk in Ukraine. This was stated by White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

Similarly, Putin ordered the Russian army “Keep the peace” within the territories of the rebel regions. While Ukraine it still recognizes the aforementioned rebellious regions as its own.

It should be noted that Russia deployed for two weeks tens of thousands of soldiers on the borders of Ukraine which, according to Western countries, are ready to invade the neighbor. The tension is still in force.

The latest pronouncements from the United States Department of State

With information from EFE and AFP.

The Peruvian position on tension between Russia and Ukraine

The Government of Peru, through the Foreign Ministry, also communicated on February 18 its concern about the tension between Russia and Ukraine.

Peru reaffirmed its conviction in the Minsk Agreements and Security Council Resolution 2002 to urge the parties to begin diplomatic negotiations to reach a solution as soon as possible.


Russia tests powerful missiles amid fears of attack on Ukraine

Russia tests powerful missiles amid fears of attack on Ukraine
Russia on Saturday carried out large-scale military exercises that included the firing of powerful missiles, in a new show of force at a time when the United States says it is convinced of an imminent invasion of Ukraine. (Source: AFP)

Source: Gestion


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