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The US has not questioned the safety of Pfizer’s vaccine against COVID-19

The US has not questioned the safety of Pfizer’s vaccine against COVID-19

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not affirmed that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer lied about the safety of its COVID-19 vaccine, nor has it warned that it is more dangerous than others and causes deaths, as messages spread on the Internet maintain. social media.

Publications circulating these days on networks and Telegram channels that attribute executives of the FDA the statement that Pfizer misled them about the safety of their vaccine and, in reality, it is “71 times more dangerous than the usual vaccines”, so that, for every life it saves, “kill two people”.

These messages, which consider the supposed recognition of the FDA as a first step to ban “early” anti-COVID vaccines, base such a statement on the video of a conference of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) of this US agency, during which different experts participated together with private citizens.

In this context, one of these citizens, businessman Steve Kirsch, warned about the alleged dangers of authorized vaccines against COVID-19, without limiting his accusations solely to Pfizer, and assured that they increase the risk of mortality and suffering. heart attacks.

Acts: In fact, the FDA has not questioned the safety of Pfizer’s vaccine or any of the others licensed against COVID-19. The author of the statements is a businessman in the new technology sector known for spreading false messages about vaccines and has no relationship with the US agency, as sources from this body have confirmed.

Kirsch’s intervention came during an open hearing of the FDA advisory committee meeting to discuss the administration of a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

That part of the event was open to anyone who “were interested and had registered”, Explain the same sources, who deny any professional link with Kirsch, as well as that the businessman has formed or is part of the committee of experts and advisers to the FDA.

Also, the FDA is “totally disagree” with the analysis on the vaccines exposed by Kirsch, since “It was not based on science and runs counter to the agency’s public health mission.”

Deaths not attributable to vaccines

During his speech, Kirsch based the claims about the mortality caused by anti-COVID vaccines in his opinion on data collected by the US system for reporting possible adverse reactions to vaccines (VAERS, for its acronym in English).

However, on the VAERS website itself, the US government warns that the notifications collected in this system, open to the participation of any citizen, “cannot be used to determine if a vaccine caused or contributed to an adverse event or disease” , since these reports “may contain incomplete, inaccurate, coincidental or unverifiable information”.

Notifications in this system correspond to health problems recorded in people who have been vaccinated, but whose cause has not been determined and is not necessarily related to immunizations.

Likewise, another of the sources provided by Kirsch, the website, is a regular source of disinformation in the United States: it belongs to the National Vaccine Information Center, a well-known anti-vaccine organization founded in the 1980s, which spreads false theories about these drugs .

The same FDA sources stress that an analysis of the available clinical information “has not established a causal relationship with vaccines” and insist that anti-COVID drugs approved for inoculation “meet rigorous agency standards for safety, efficacy, and manufacturing quality”.

From pioneer entrepreneur to anti-vaccine

Entrepreneur Steve Kirsch is the inventor of Infoseek, one of the first Internet search engines, as described on the website of the ‘COVID-19 Early Treatment’ Foundation, of which he is director.

The foundation was established by Kirsch at the beginning of the pandemic with the aim of studying whether existing drugs could serve as a treatment against COVID-19.

However, over time, Kirsch aligned himself with anti-vaccine postulates and even claimed that these drugs could cause infertility.

One of his most notorious controversies was when he refused to accept the conclusions of a study financed by his own association that determined that hydroxychloroquine was not useful as a treatment against COVID-19. His position forced the resignation of the 12 members of the scientific committee of the association.

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