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El Hormiguero rolls out the red carpet to receive Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Óscar Martínez

El Hormiguero rolls out the red carpet to receive Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Óscar Martínez

East Monday at 9:45 p.m. the anthill will roll out the red carpet to welcome three very special guests. Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martinez will be present at the program Paul Motorcycles.

The trio of actors will visit the talk show on the occasion of the premiere of ‘official competition’. This film, in which the three playwrights are protagonists, tells the story of a famous actress and two veteran actors who compete against each other after being chosen to work in a film financed by a billionaire businessman.

Penélope Cruz visits ‘El Hormiguero’ in the race for the Oscar

The interview in ‘El Hormiguero’ coincides with a dazzling moment in the career of Penelope Cruz. After winning the Volpi Cup at the Venice Festival, the actress could get her second Oscar award.

The Álmodovar girl par excellence is nominated in the category of best actress for her role in ‘Parallel mothers’Pedro Almodóvar’s latest film, in which she plays one of the leading mothers.

Antonio Banderas and his journey with Tom Holland in ‘Uncharted’

On the other hand, Antonio Banderas has recently appeared in the movie ‘Uncharted’, starring actor Tom Holland. In this film he plays Moncada, a treasure hunter of Latin origin.

In addition, Banderas also triumphs as a businessman. He has companies related to the audiovisual sector, such as his own production company, and other businesses from various sectors, such as restaurants, with which he seeks boost the economy of Malagayour natal city.

The extensive career of Oscar Martínez in Argentina

Due to its Argentine origin, Oscar Martinez is the most unknown face for the Spanish audience of this trio of interviewees. This veteran actor, director and writer has a extensive dramatic career in film, theater and television.

He has participated in films such as ‘Wild Tales’‘The empty nest’ or ‘The illustrious citizen’, among many other productions. For her role in this last film she managed to win the volpi cup in the year 2016 and a Platinum award in the year 2017 that were added to his long list of awards. The most recent is a konex award for his career that was awarded in the year 2021.

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