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Cuba has “revolutionaries to face” a demonstration, says Díaz-Canel

On Cuba there are “enough revolutionaries to face any type of demonstration,” warned the president Miguel Diaz-Canel, faced with the challenge of opposition groups to hold a march on November 15 that the government has already banned.

“There are enough revolutionaries to face any type of demonstration that seeks to destroy the revolution, with respect and in defense of the Constitution, but also with energy and courage,” said the president and first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC – unique) , when closing a plenary meeting of the Central Committee, of 114 members and the highest instance of power on the island.

“Let the imperialists know that they are going to have to fight with a people who are not fooled, a people large enough, brave and heroic to fight, who are not afraid of threats,” added Díaz-Canel, dressed in a shirt and pants. olive green.

The meeting was attended by his predecessor Raúl Castro, who has occasionally appeared in public since his retirement last April.

The dissident political reflection group Archipiélago, which called for a march on November 15 in Havana and in seven provinces of the island, maintains its call, despite the fact that the authorities banned this protest last week and warned of criminal consequences to the organizers if they continue with the initiative.

This call follows the unprecedented demonstrations that broke out on July 11 and 12 in nearly 50 cities of the country shouting “Freedom” and “We are hungry”, which left one dead, dozens injured and more than 1,000 detainees, of whom of which more than 560 are still in prison.

The November protest is for “change” and for the release of political prisoners, according to organizers.

The Cuban government views the protests as part of a Washington-backed strategy to change the regime.

US officials for their part have repeatedly criticized Havana for the ban on the November 15 march and for the people detained as a result of the July demonstrations.

Cuba is going through a deep economic crisis with a severe shortage of food and medicine, exacerbated by the fall in tourism due to COVID-19 and the tightening of the sanctions imposed by Donald Trump during his term, which his successor Joe Biden has maintained.

In his message, the president called on Cubans to “close ranks, to fight for our problems with creativity” as part of the “combat”.


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