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EU committed to supporting the Andean Community for hosting Venezuelan refugees

The European Union (EU) intends to offer “continued support” to the Andean Community (CAN), the integration body made up of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, for its “enormous efforts” in the integration of millions of migrants and refugees from Venezuela.

All these countries have had to face enormous challenges to receive and integrate thousands and millions in the case of Colombia of refugees and migrants”, highlighted Leonor Vieira, deputy head for Latin America of the European External Action Service (EEAS).

The European Parliament (EP) hosted a meeting of the Delegation for Relations with the Andean Community countries, in which the political, economic and social situation in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru with the ambassadors of the four countries and the representative of the SEAE.

Vieira highlighted the enormous “Pressure” that the presence of refugees and migrants arriving from Venezuela has had on the economic, labor, educational and health systems of those countries, especially during the pandemic.

All of these efforts deserve our respect and will need our continued support.”, he indicated.

The representative of EEAS He reviewed the situation in each of these countries and mentioned the importance of “work together”, reinforcing and deepening the existing relationship.

From Colombia, “key partner in the region”, he stressed that the EU and Bogotá are expanding relations “to new areas of cooperation” and indicated that the application of the peace agreement continues to be “fundamental”, along with other priorities, including the protection of the environment, the fight against climate change and the social agenda.

In the context of the agenda between the parties, he valued the upcoming visit of the president of Colombia, Ivan Dukewho on February 15 will speak before the plenary session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the observation missions that the EU will send to the legislative and presidential elections.

From Bolivia, Vieira indicated that the EU “still very committed” in supporting economic development in the country, “especially considering the challenge of the pandemic.”

It also wants to support the work to overcome inequalities, polarization and try to reduce the risks to economic stability. “We will support reconciliation efforts and dialogue”, said the EEAS representative.

As to EcuadorVieira first expressed the solidarity of the EU for the flood that occurred last Monday in the center west of Quito.

On the other hand, he valued the relationship between the parties, which he described as “excellent, with regular dialogue”.

The same expert indicated that, despite the high rates of vaccination against COVID-19the financial situation of that country continues to be “worrying” and in this context indicated that the EU is going to “support efforts for economic recovery”.

As to Perusaid that a long time ago EU and that Andean country maintains “many cooperation and economic ties” and that it wants to continue deepening in sectors such as human rights, science, technology, security and defense.

Peru has paid an enormous human price. The EU has supported Peru in recent years to overcome the crisis”, said Vieira, who also explained that the Twenty-seven want to support the efforts of that country for sustainable development, the green transition and cybersecurity.

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