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China demands that US stop sending ‘wrong signals’ on Taiwan

US President Joe Biden warned Thursday that his country will defend the island in case China attacks it.

Beijing today demanded that the United States stop sending “wrong signals” about Taiwan in response to US President Joe Biden, who warned on Thursday that his country will defend the island in case China attacks it.

“We demand that the United States be cautious both in its words and in its actions regarding the Taiwanese issue. It must refrain from sending the wrong signals to the Taiwanese secessionists, as well as seriously damaging Sino-US relations,” Foreign Spokesperson Wang Wang said today. Wenbin.

The spokesperson reiterated that “no one should underestimate the determination and ability of the Chinese people to safeguard their sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

“There is no possible concession on this issue,” he added.

On Thursday, Biden said during a CNN televised event that “the United States is committed” to defend Taiwan militarily should China decide to attack the island.

“China, Russia and the rest of the world know that the United States has the most powerful Army in history,” said the US president.

The island, which is considered an autonomous territory with its own government and political system, is one of the main reasons for conflict between China – which claims its sovereignty – and the United States, since Washington is the main supplier of arms to Taiwan.

The tension between the two superpowers has risen in recent weeks as a result of the latest Chinese air raids near Taiwan and reports that the United States has assigned a small contingent of military personnel on the island for at least a year to train local forces.

The US and China appear to be pushing the ‘status quo’ created in 1979 to the limit, when Washington recognized Beijing as the only Chinese government with the understanding that Taiwan would have a peaceful future.

All this has created a rarefied climate in the region that has caused relations between Taipei and Beijing to go through its worst moment in the last four decades, according to local Taiwanese authorities.

Taiwanese Defense Minister Chiu Kuo-cheng went so far as to affirm that China will be “capable of organizing a large-scale invasion” of the island by 2025, which set off alarms in Washington. (I)

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