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Queen Elizabeth II rests and performs ‘light tasks’ after discharge from hospital

She was admitted Wednesday night to undergo preliminary examinations.

Queen Elizabeth II is “resting” and carries out “light tasks” after being discharged from hospital after being hospitalized overnight on Wednesday to undergo “preliminary examinations”, local media said this Friday.

The 95-year-old monarch had to cancel a planned visit to Northern Ireland this week on the advice of her doctors and is now resting at her residence in Windsor Castle, outside London.

There, she returned around noon this Thursday after being discharged from the King Edward VII private hospital in London, where she underwent several medical tests, the details of which have not transpired.

A monarchical source quoted today by British media points out that the situation remains the same as yesterday, with the sovereign “resting and carrying out light tasks”, such as attending official documents, telegrams from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or correspondence.

While Elizabeth II’s transfer to the hospital by car – rather than by helicopter – was kept secret, the palace released a statement late Thursday after the British tabloid The Sun spread the news.

It was the queen’s first hospital admission since in 2013 she spent a night in the same private clinic to be treated for symptoms of gastroenteritis.

After this last incident, from the Royal House they have assured that the monarch maintains a “good spirit”. (I)

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