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Japan offers three types of scholarships for Peruvian teachers and students

The Government of Japan, within the framework of academic cooperation and bilateral relations of good friendship with the Government of Peru, offers three types of scholarships to Peruvian teachers and students.

The Teacher Training Scholarship is aimed at teachers at primary, secondary or pedagogical institutes with an interest in training and research in Japan.

On the other hand, scholarships for Improvement in Japanese Language and Culture (both for the Peruvian public in general, and for Peruvians of Japanese descent) are aimed at university students who have command of the Japanese language and wish to improve it. The studies will be carried out in universities in Japan.

The scholarships are comprehensive since they cover the costs of travel, studies, stay, research, etc., for the time that the scholarship recipient remains in Japan as such. The application requirements are:

  1. Be of Peruvian nationality.
  2. Possess proficiency in the English language (intermediate level completed with international or local certification) for the Teaching scholarship, and proficiency in the Japanese language (intermediate level completed with international certification) for the Japanese Language and Culture scholarships.
  3. Enjoy good physical and mental health.
  4. Being under 35 years of age and being an active teacher with 5 years of work experience at the primary, secondary or pedagogical institute level for the Teacher Training modality; and be under the age of 30 and a college student for the Japanese Language and Culture scholarships.

Registration for these three types of scholarships began on Tuesday, January 4, and will remain open until next Thursday, February 24, 2022. More information can be found on the website of the Embassy of Japan: or by email: [email protected]


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