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After omicron, now appears the “flurona”, a mixture between flu and COVID: the first cases

In the midst of the global health crisis, a new manifestation of COVID has emerged, it is the mixture with the flu, called “flurone”. The first case in Israel of this new infection was known at the weekend, and today in Catalonia, Spain.

Although there is still very little scientific evidence on ‘flurone’ due to the recent detection and the few reported cases, the symptoms are those of a common respiratory infection, those that have been detected are mild.

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“They are viral and cause breathing difficulties, since both attack the upper respiratory tract,” explained Arnon Vizhnitser, director of the gynecology department at Beilinson Hospital, according to the Israeli newspaper ‘The Times of Israel’.

Now in Spain

“We have the odd case, but without representing a difference with respect to the others; they are few, they are anecdotal and they have no more relevance ”, explained this Monday the director of the Catalan Health Service, Gemma Craywinckel, at a press conference.

Although it is not the most frequent, at a time of high virus circulation there can be a coexistence of two pathogens in a body, explained the doctor, although she insisted that they have not been observed to be more serious cases.

What does concern Craywinckel is the “saturation” of the health system due to COVID cases, which translates into a constant increase in hospitalized patients and those treated in intensive care units (ucis), as well as mortality.

“I don’t know if the peak (of infections) will be in a week, two or three, but we have not arrived and this worries us; we still have days of income and critics ”, he warned.

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