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The Pole won a prestigious league. He has beaten established players

The FPL is a prestigious league that only the best CS players on the continent can access. A new league starts every month, and Karol “rallen” Rodowicz won the last December season.

Poles love the FPL

FACEIT Pro League, or FPL for short, is a paradise for Polish players. Karol “rallen” Rodowicz is the best example of this. The 27-year-old did not perform so well in the professional league for the first time. In December he played 59 matches, won 38 of them. ± $ 4,500.

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Who did Rodowicz defeat? Behind his back he left Arras “Sterzig” Kavoliunas and Martin “Dytor” Handel. The top group also included such stars of the CS world as Richard “shox” Papillon and Nikolay “mir” Bityukov. In 2021, both of them appeared at the CS: GO World Championship, i.e. at.

In December, Olek “hades” Mi¶keiwicz, Szymon “kRaSnaL” Mrozek and Filip “tudsoN” Tudev performed quite well. The first of them took the 7th place and earned 1000 dollars. The remaining two took 13th and 14th respectively. . place for which she received $ 500 each.

Rallen is doing very well in the FPL. In 2020, it won several monthly listings. Rodowicz, however, is not the only Pole who focuses on this competition. in the past, the league was also won by a Pole, Piotr “morelz” Taterka.

The FPL is a league for professionals that is very hard to get into. Players can train there by playing matches against each other. Its phenomenon is that fans can see players who are rivals in one team.

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