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Europe celebrates not only the New Year, but also transfers from Brussels. The Polish Reconstruction Plan is still in the freezer

PLN 265 billion. This amount of funds under the National Reconstruction Plan could go to Poland as part of the National Reconstruction Plan. All EU countries have reported similar plans to Brussels. And they all celebrate the new year with transfers, advances or at least declarations of payments.

The Polish KPO has been frozen. Grounds? Doubts over the rule of law. This is because Poland insists that, for example, the CJEU ruling in the case of the Supreme Court should not be implemented. It does not liquidate, contrary to the order, the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court.

What’s inside the KPO? Thick billions

The KPO comprises EUR 58 billion. 23.9 million are subsidies that the government would not have to pay back. 109 billion zlotys could become an investment engine for government programs that could help to kick the economy out of the post -ovid collapse. Another EUR 34.2 billion are low-interest loans.

What was the government willing to spend this money on? He had to make clear declarations on this matter. We know from the documents sent to Brussels that the EU billions were to go, among others for incentives to stay active. It’s no secret that the burden on the economy is the rising cost of pensions. Every senior who decides to remain professionally active, even for a short time, is worth its weight in gold.

The government also planned to use EU funds to build approx. 70 thousand. apartments. That’s a lot, because 100,000 of them were to be created as part of the Mieszkanie Plus. In the end, the government failed in the housing revolution, because the completed premises are a fraction of the declared goal.

The government also wanted to establish the Hospital Development Agency in order to restructure, reduce debt and modernize. The opposition considers this plan to be controversial, because the new regulations could in practice be used to take over medical facilities.

Morawiecki like Zosia Samosia

Prime Minister Morawiecki tried to downplay the confusion around the KPO in a manner known to him. “We loans, we can take out debt ourselves” – he said during one of the speeches. He also stated that the fund from which the National Reconstruction Plan is financed “is essentially constructed from a loan.”

Does it really matter where Poland will get the money for the turbo-charging of the economy? The government argues that it can issue bonds itself. Experts emphasize that the cost of such a loan will be several times higher. The Polish interest rate in December exceeded 21 percent for the first time.

Source: Gazeta

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