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In St. Petersburg on the first day of the new year it will be windy with ice

In the afternoon of January 1, wind gusts of up to 15 m / s are expected in St. Petersburg in places, ice on the roads. This was reported in the North-West UGMS.

The Main Directorate of the EMERCOM of Russia in St. Petersburg recommends removing household items from the courtyard of the house and from the balcony, close the windows, put the car in the garage or park it away from trees and weakly reinforced structures.

In case of icy conditions, you need to move slowly, stepping on the entire sole. Elderly people are better off using a rubber-tipped cane or a pointed stick.

“If your shoes have slip soles, stick on pieces of regular adhesive as needed to reduce slip.

Drivers, when driving during icy conditions, need to strictly observe the distance – it should be two to three times greater than in summer. “Don’t rely on brakes and cleats and start braking early. In addition, during sudden braking, skidding and overturning is possible, ”rescuers warn. You should also use studded tires on all four wheels of the vehicle.

Source: Rosbalt

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