The French far-right presented this Monday his political priorities if he comes to power after the legislative elections and that involve, among other measures, “urgently” stopping immigration and undertaking “a big bang of authority” within the educational system, as well as for thoroughly reviewing the current financial system to clean up accounts that it considers “irresponsible.”

The leader of the National Rally, Jordan Bardella, aspires to be prime minister of a future government “of national union“and, under a motto that alludes to “alternation”, he outlined the program accompanied by his partner Marine Le Pen and the president of The Republicans, Éric Ciotti, who has incorporated his party into this bloc at the cost of a real earthquake internal.

The “control” of immigration is among the central axes of the program, since according to Bardella it is not an issue that “divides” the French but rather “unites” them. As concrete measures, National Group proposes eliminating the right of nationality for those born in French territory, recovering the crime of “illegal residence” and extend the periods of administrative detention beyond three months.

He hopes to “convince” Macron to celebrate a referendum on immigration issues, given the limit of the future National Assembly to undertake major reforms, particularly those that may imply changes to the Constitution.

Bardella has promised to “put authority at the center of public action”, a premise under which he has called to pursue recidivism and penalize parents of minors who commit crimes, pbut also to prevent people with dual nationality from occupy “strategic” positions in the field of Defense.

Authority would also return to the classrooms, according to the far-right leader, a supporter of a “Republic of respect” also within the educational system, with a policy of “zero tolerance” against disruptive students. Generalizing the uniform, prohibiting the use of mobile phones and establishing a “modular” education, which allows students to move “earlier” towards vocational training are included in this section.

Retirement at 60

Bardella has also accused the “irresponsible” finances of the current president, Emmanuel Macron, and has proposed an “audit of national accounts“, with a view to solving the “unprecedented budgetary excesses” that would be occurring. It seeks to make France “a country of producers”, in a nod to the primary sector, and includes among the saving measures privatizing public radio and television.

Regarding pensions, proposes retirement at age 60 for all those who have been contributing for 40 yearss, with a view to moving towards a “progressive calendar” of changes that allows reversing the measures imposed by the current Government in one of its most controversial reforms. “The objective is to return to (retirement at) 62 years of age with 42 annuities,” he explained.

The leader of the National Rally has made it clear in his appearance that, if he governs, France will maintain military support to Ukraine, but it has marked red lines. Thus, and in order to avoid an “escalation”, he has ruled out the deployment of troops and the sending of long-range missiles, to avoid a potential “direct” attack against Russian cities.

Russia is, in Bardella’s opinion, “a multidimensional threat” that has been increasing its presence for years in “zones of historical influence” for France. He has also promised to be “especially attentive” to any potential “interference”, although Le Pen has historically been associated with pro-Russian positions within the orbit of the European Union.

In the Middle East, has questioned Hezbollah’s role in Lebanon –“a State within another State”, he has pointed out – and has marked distances with respect to a possible recognition of the Palestinian State. “This position has become obsolete due to the atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7” and now “recognizing a Palestinian State would be recognizing terrorism,” added Bardella, erected in a “shield” for the Jews against Islam that wants to “conquer” the French Republic.