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Penalties for combustion family cars.  Did Daniel Obajtek provide “disinformation”?

Penalties for combustion family cars. Did Daniel Obajtek provide “disinformation”?

Penalties for combustion family cars.  Did Daniel Obajtek provide “disinformation”?

Disinformation, a brand campaign or an attempt to arouse aversion to European Union policies – this is what Nina Józefina Bąk from the Clean Cities Campaign says about penalties for using combustion family cars. Information about the alleged penalties was provided by, among others, Daniel Obajtek.

Portal article entitled “Toyota sells 387 cars a day, Lexus and MG are a hit. Poles are saving themselves from changing the law” caused a storm on social media. The text states that due to new emission limits from combustion engines, family cars will have to pay a fine of PLN 22,000. However, there is a problem with this amount.

Penalties for family cars. Toyota warns

Information about the fine spread on the Internet in such a way that some people could understand that car owners will pay the said PLN 22,000. PLN for their use. However, the text clearly states that this applies to car manufacturers. Jacek Pawlak, president of Toyota Central Europe, who is quoted in the text, argued that this may affect end customers.

The problem, however, is that the amount of PLN 22,000 is not mentioned in any of the EU documents. These are Toyota’s calculations provided in the text. The CAFE directive was referred to, although the only information about penalties is in the regulation of April 2017. Journalist Krzysztof Jabłonowski, who has thoroughly researched these regulations, notes, however, that, contrary to what wrote, the penalty of EUR 95 does not apply for each gram of exceeded exhaust emissions, but for carbon dioxide emissions.

Daniel Obajtek provided “disinformation”?

Nina Józefina Bąk from the Clean Cities Campaign explains in an interview that such sensations are either disinformation, a campaign aimed at increasing brand sales before 2025, or a campaign aimed at arousing reluctance towards “green” EU policies. – Possibly addressed to new MEPs to block the abandonment of fossil fuels in transport and withdraw from the goal – 100%. reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the production of light vehicles in 2035, she said. One of the MEPs further provided information about the alleged penalties. It was Daniel Obajtek.

“From January 1, 2025, the EU CAFE regulation will enter into force with a new limit on emissions from combustion engines, including draconian penalties for owning a car – over PLN 22,000 for a popular family car,” Obajtek wrote on the X website. “There is still time to EU fight to change these disastrous regulations. But does the government, which will hit Poles’ pockets with horrendous increases in electricity and gas prices in just a week, even care? – he added in his entry.

Source: Gazeta

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