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It’s “the most shocking film of the year.”  The Oscar-winning work can now be viewed online.  Will he repeat his success?

It’s “the most shocking film of the year.” The Oscar-winning work can now be viewed online. Will he repeat his success?

It’s “the most shocking film of the year.”  The Oscar-winning work can now be viewed online.  Will he repeat his success?

The premiere of this film caused a huge stir not only among viewers, but also among critics. Now, the two-Oscar-winning “Business Zone” has finally made its streaming debut. On what platform can you watch the British-Polish-American co-production?

The film is a war drama directed and written by Jonathan Glazer, based on the best-selling novel of the same title by Martin Amis. Its world premiere took place on May 19, 2023, while it appeared on Polish cinema screens only at the beginning of March 2024. Earlier, however, he triumphed at the 96th awards gala, during which he was honored in two categories: for best sound and best international film. Now it has its long-awaited debut also in streaming.

What is “The Interest Zone” about? Poles made a significant contribution to its implementation

The film’s plot is set in 1943, and its main character is the Nazi concentration camp commandant Rudolf Hoess. Together with his wife Hedwig (played by Christian Friedel and Sandra Huller) and four children, he leads a normal life in a villa, which is separated from the place of extermination by only a wall. While he and his family are happily having dinner and playing in the garden, one of the greatest dramas in the history of mankind is unfolding a few meters away. However, what is happening behind the brick curtain is completely invisible. All you can hear are the evocative sounds of a furnace being lit, the screams and groans of dying people, the barking of dogs and gunshots.

“Strefa Biznesu” is a British-Polish-American production, some of the photos were taken in Poland, specifically in Oświęcim. Many of our compatriots also worked on the film. Ewa Puszyńska, Magdalena Malisz and Bartek Rainski took care of the production, Łukasz Żal was behind the camera, the costumes were made by Małgorzata Karpiuk, and the make-up was done by Waldemar Pokromski. Poles also took part in creating the set design, as this task rested on the shoulders of Joanna Maria Kuś and Katarzyna Sikora.

Where can you watch “Strefa Biznesu”? The production finally made its debut on the network

The distinction from is not the only success that “Strefa biznes” has to its credit. Numerous nominations for prestigious awards are confirmed by the reviews of critics who hailed it as one of the best films of this year, and even of the decade.

This is undoubtedly the strongest, darkest and most shocking film of the year. The film adaptation of Martin Amis’ novel tells the story of an extraordinary Arcadia that was built next to hell brought to earth. While the crematoria are working at full speed, normal, not to say exemplary, life goes on behind the brick wall in the camp commandant’s house.

– written in the justification for the review. However, if you were not one of the over 300,000 viewers in Poland who had the opportunity to watch it on the big screen, nothing is lost. On June 21, 2024, “Strefa biznes” finally joined the offer of the Canal+ platform, breaking all possible viewership records. Before the screening, it is worth reading the biography of Rudolf Hoess entitled “Confessions from the Gallows”, in which he described in detail what happened in the camp every day. If you feel like it, vote in our poll below.

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